Blissverse took an unexpected break. The long and short of it is we were making a narrative decision for an upcoming chapter and ended up pausing things while we figured it out. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s up:

Blissverse is still updating monthly at Filthy Figments. Midway through its run, we realized the current scenario chapter, Not Fish in the Water by Mawar, would work better narratively if it was swapped chronologically with the following chapter starting in October. The decision was not made lightly and ultimately was made so that the flow of the series worked better in the long run. Instead of potentially confusing readers on both sides, we are going to pause posting the free-to-read pages at temporarily.

Blissverse will resume posting free-to-read pages on October 4th when the new chapter, Cloud Update by Ariel Vittori, begins at Filthy Figments. Pages will post here without the need to reorganize them in the archive later. They will already be in the new timeline order. Thank you for your love and patience everyone! We can’t wait to jump back into the Blissverse with you! <3